How To Add Parents

To add a parent:

Please send them your schools unique enrolment link- which can be accessed by: 

  • Logging in to your school manager account
  • Hover over your initials/profile picture 
  • Click ‘Admin’ from the drop down menu
  • Click 'Manage Users' from the left hand menu
  • Your link can be found at the top of the page. Parents will self-enrol using this link and selecting that they are a parent at initial sign-up.

How do parents log in?

Once a parent logs in, our system recognizes them as a Parent and they will be able to access their resources and Parent content, this includes our Courses to support your school's accreditation.

You can also share our suggested communications letter with your parents which can be accessed via 'Admin', selecting ‘Account’ from the left hand menu, and ‘Documents & Letters' from the options below. You will be able to search for 'Suggested Communication Letter' here.