How To Create Watchlists & Allocate Training to Staff

How To Create Watchlists

  • Log into your school manager account
  • Hover over ‘Tools’ from the main toolbar, then click on ‘Manage Watchlists’
  • Click on ‘Add Watchlist’
  • Enter a name for your Watchlist
  • If you are setting a watchlist up for more than one user, you will need to create a user group – to do this please see here:
  • Select the user or user group that you would like to assign this watchlist to.
  • Select the academic year for this watchlist, and the deadline date for completion.
  • Tick ‘Show on your dashboard’ if you’d like this watchlist to show on your CPD Dashboard to report on later.
  • Tick ‘Enable impact review reports’ if you’d like your staff to set learning goals based off the content in this watchlist, and to reflect on these goals later. If you tick this option, you’ll be asked to set an ‘Impact Review Report Length’. This is the length of time between your staff setting their goals, and then later being asked to reflect on their progress.
  • Once you’re finished, click ‘Save as Draft’ or ‘Publish’
  • Once published, you can add any content into your watchlist by hovering over a CPD thumbnail, and clicking the ‘+ To Watchlist’ button. Just select your watchlist from the list, and click update watchlists.
  • Your staff can access their watchlists at any time by clicking on ‘Watch’ and ‘Watchlists’ from the main toolbar.
  • You can edit your watchlists at any time from the ‘Manage Watchlists’ page. You’ll see a list of all your watchlists- and the options to view reports, edit, clone, send all staff reminders to complete, and delete.