How To View The CPD Report

How To View the CPD Report

  • Log into your school manager account
  • Hover over ‘Tools’ from the main toolbar, then click on ‘Evidence & Report’
  • Click on ‘CPD Report’ from the left hand menu.
  • You’ll see a full list of all the content on our website, and the number of views and completions on that CPD from your school. You can use this report to see your staff usage on any CPD.
  • Use the search bar in the top right hand corner to search for a specific piece of content.
  • You can use the filters to filter the list by CPD Type, Category, User Group or Academic Year
  • Click on the actions menu next to the CPD, and click ‘View Course Report’ to view staff usage for that CPD.
  • On the individual CPD report, you can select to view which users have not started the CPD, and you can filter by staff progress.
  • Click ‘Download All Certificates’ above your list of users to download all staff certificates for this CPD.