Can I download a transcript?

Unfortunately we do not have downloadable PowerPoints/slides/transcripts for our webinars- the 'slides' that you can see in our webinars are an in-built animation on the video, rather than a separate PowerPoint presentation. This means these slides are not available in downloadable format.
However, because all of our courses are pre-recorded and available on demand, you have the benefit of being able to pause and rewind our courses at any time. If you want to take notes, or to rewatch any portion of the webinar- you can do so at any time.
The wide majority of our webinars also include 'Supporting Documents' which are downloadable from the course/webinar homepage. This will include all the links to additional resources discussed within the webinar for you.
If you would like to request additional handouts or supporting materials- please feel free to contact our team via Live Chat, or by leaving some feedback for us on a webinar review. Feedback from our customers helps us to continually improve our content and services, and is always appreciated.