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The Video Is Not Playing

Please make sure you have clicked on the webinar or course, and clicked on the 'Start Learning' button to begin the video. If you are booked onto a session, you'll still need to click 'Start Learning'- the video will not play automatically.

If your video is still not playing, or you're seeing a blank screen with a cross in the top right corner, please try the following fixes:

Mobile Phones: if you are watching on a mobile phone, you must rotate your device to landscape in order to play the videos.

Clear your Cookies/Cache: If you're using Google Chrome, please go to the 3 dots in the top right corner and select 'Settings'. Please go to 'Settings',  'Privacy and Security' and go to 'Clear Browsing Data'. Ensure 'Cookies' is selected and clear for the last 7 days - Close down Chrome completely and then reopen and you should now be able to play your video.

Check your browser: Please be aware that our video courses and webinars are not supported by the Internet Explorer 11.0 browser - so it's recommended to use Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox or recent versions of Edge.

Check your internet connection: Please make sure you're accessing on a device with a strong internet connection and allow the video some time to load if you are on a slower connection. 

Try on another device: Sometimes it can be your device causing the issue. Please try on another device, like a smartphone, to see if this resolves the issue.

Are you connected to the school network? If you're trying to access our courses from within school- the issue may be to do with our videos being blocked by your schools filtering system. Please make sure that your school does not have our website or any of the following websites blocked, as this is where we host our video content.


Please note that all of our sessions are pre recorded- so refreshing the page, or leaving to try again on another browser or device will not result in you missing any of the course or webinar.